Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Agile Career Path - Day 27

Agile is a big word these days. It's used alot in marketing circles. One must be agile to keep up with the pace of things. Be able to course correct in real time. Take advantage of breaking news and use it newsjack our way to earned media. Reappropriate a budget on a moment's notice.

In other words - just because we had a plan for the next year or two or three - if we want to stay relevant we need to be able to react to changing circumstances on a dime.

Same holds true for our careers. 

It used to be we picked a major in college, got a degree and thought our life path would be linear until retirement. But nothing is linear anymore. Not the consumer cycle or our career. 

I went from teaching seventh graders to selling radio ads to television to entrepreneurship, writing books, blogging, consulting and teaching - again. 

I'm not sure where my circuitous path will take me next. 

But what I am sure is that as long as I stay agile and open and remember that every step and misstep is serving me - I'll know where it is when I get there. 

note: This is Day #27 of the 30 Day Experiment.   Here are the details on how it all started.

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