Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pink Slip Advice #9

Get to Know You Again

Many years ago someone remarked to me that the best thing that had happened as a result of him losing his job, was that he had gotten the chance to know himself again. Somewhere along the line, his position had become so consuming, there was no separation between him and the job. When he suddenly had time to look in the mirror he didn't really know who he was any more.

I suggest making a list of all those things you haven’t had time for and do it, no matter how simple. A trip to MOMA or an afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Think about what you used to do, before your life got so hectic, when you had the time to wile away an afternoon, and do it. And remember to enjoy it without letting the worry about when the 'what's next' is going to start. Treat this period as a gift to reenergize yourself as you prepare for what will be your next success.

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