Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pink Slip Advice #6


Get rid of the stuff that you were holding on to from your last job. You know, what you kept around, just in case. Unless it was really important and might be useful in another endeavor some day, get rid of it. I am partial to purging on days like today, when the sky is overcast and the morning light grey. It sets the mood.
Purging feels good, often cleansing. Especially, if like me, you get a thrill out of putting that shredder into overheat.
There are many, myself included, who believe a good sage smudge after a purge will rid your home of any lingering energy associated with that old job. While that might seem a little too "out there" for some of you, keep in mind that this is an ancient tradition that will only help with the letting go of that old place of employment as you move forward to your next success.
But even if you forgo the sage part, Purge. Now.

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