Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pink Slip Advice #2

Do Not Start Interviewing Immediately

Before you get yourself back out there, make sure you have completed your mourning period. There is no surer way not to get a job than still seething over the fact you don't have one.

Next start thinking about what you REALLY want to do next and get clear on it before you sit in front of a potential employer.

Maybe like me it is time for complete reinvention. If you are willing to go for it and have an idea that moves you, this is a great time to go the entrepreneurial route. Maybe you still love corporate life, but want to go in a slightly different direction. Whatever it is, make sure you know what you want before you take an interview.

There are jobs out there. Maybe not as many, but there are jobs. I have friends who dove right back into another Corporate job. But if that is what you want, remember , no one is going to hire, especially in this climate, someone who is not absolutely certain of what they want to do next. So take the time to figure it out. An interviewer has the luxury of a talented, large pool to tap into it. The ones who get the jobs are the ones who are positive and certain. So make sure you are one of the certain ones before you take an interview.

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