Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Real Me

People's eyes tend to light up when you tell them you've written a book, especially when it is a novel. I still squirm  when asked what it's about. I know the importance of an elevator pitch. I've been a seller and marketer. Always be ready because you just never know who you're talking to that can help you.

But this is different. My product is me. Plus after so many years living in a world where achievement is only measured by how much money the deal is worth, I  hold back on the fact I've written not one, but two manuscripts. Until there is money attached and a date set for publication, I don't think its a big deal.

But other people do. So as I sat in the office of my eye doctor last week, with my chin resting on that contraption that makes it easy for him to look into the depths of my eyes, we caught up on what I've been doing since my last visit. I practiced my elevator pitch. I told him about the novel I wrote about a woman, who like myself, had a long and volatile love affair with Corporate America.

It's  not as easy to step into my sales pitch as the days I sold commercials for the radio station. I've struggled with why. If this is my passion, shouldn't it be even easier? But then I read a blog by Aidan Donnelly Rowley   about how writing and having your words published  is a bit like stripping naked before the world. If you've held back on people, even the slightest bit, the gig is up when they have read your stories. You have exposed yourself, mind, body and soul.  And then I got the real reason for my trepidation. The real me is revealed. This craft I've chosen to make my career makes me vulnerable. Selling advertising never did that.

My eye doctor asked to let him know when he'll be able to buy my book.  I told him he was on the mailing list. His parting words to me, were he wanted to read it so he could see who the real Joanne is.
Yes, the gig is up.

Note: Aidan Donnelly Rowley writes a blog entitled
Ivy League Insecurities.
Her debut novel,  Life After Yes
is now available in bookstores everywhere!

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heliotrope said...

I'm so there with you, JT. Having agents read my manuscript, contemplating a video clip about my art work ... feels like too much exposure, makes me want to shrivel. And that's when I know it's time to stand up straight...