Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Read, Perchance To Smile

I was practicing my elevator pitch for my book on a former colleague today. When I was done he asked me if the book has a happy ending.  My reply was easy. Of course it does. I believe in happy endings. In a world that seems overly consumed with the negative and the idea that doomsday is just a breath away I have no interest in reading a book or watching a movie that leaves me feeling worse than when I started. I have 24/7 news for that.

Which is just one of the reasons why I love Claire Cook's books. Claire's books entertain me. They make me laugh and they make me think.

I first blogged about Claire Cook last July.  In that blog I told the story of how we met via Twitter after a woman who turned out to be her book editor read a blog I wrote and suggested we connect. Since that time  we've remained cyberspace friends. I love being around women like Claire who remind me that my dream can and will be realized as hers has.

Claire is a reinventor. She wrote her first book at 45 and just this month published her seventh book, aptly titled Seven Year Switch. I finished it last night.  The characters she creates are hard not to like, so much so, you're sorry when you get to the last page that you have to leave them. The good news is if you  discovering her writing for the first time, there are six other novels that came before this one to lose yourself in and no doubt more to come. Now that's what I call a happy ending!

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