Monday, June 7, 2010

A New Vantage Point

So it's Monday and it all looks the same. But what if you shifted your vantage point ever so slightly? What might you see that you had been overlooking?

Last week I found myself on the top of a double decker tour bus. One of those bright red ones you see teeming with tourists that I always say would be a fun thing to do but never get around to trying.

When I heard this was the transportation from the wedding ceremony on the Upper East Side to the reception in Battery Park of my young cousin I used my 87 year old mother as an excuse to say no. You see I reacted as most Manhattanites would. Bus? All that way? Not me.   Plus how was I going to get my mother up those stairs?

But the Universe was out to teach me something that day. There was a seat for Mom in a limousine and one for me on the bus.

I had never seen the city from that vantage point before. I've walked the streets, ridden the subways, pushed my face against the window of a plane to catch the night skyline, but had never seen the city from the top of a double decker bus complete with a tour guide.

I listened to the historical tidbits our tour guide offered, some I knew, like the famed Paramount Theater where Frank Sinatra made his mark and some I learned, like the location of the original Macy's on 14th Street. I felt the excitement and the rich history of this city the way someone does when they visit for the first time.

I saw my city with fresh eyes and  fell in love with it all over again.

Try looking at your world from a new angle today and let me know what happens.

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