Saturday, June 19, 2010

Detox Tech Diet Day 5. Cheating

Yes, its' true. I cheated. Just a little. I did not revert to my obsessive habit of checking my email every fifteen minutes  but I did check more than 4 times in 24 hours. I think I was getting a little edgy from my withdrawal. In fact I still might be.

I've decided reading two newspapers cover to cover every day can become burdensome too. The theme is repetitive with all roads leading back to money and politics. More companies choosing profit over safety, cash incentives to get people to take their meds and students to get good grades, and attempts to make BP's irresponsibility President Obama's personal fault.  I find it fascinating that references to the blogosphere run rampant in the newspapers, substantiating that bloggers have influence and blogging is not a passing fad. And how cute was it that the Times headlined Anderson Cooper and his reporting in the Gulf! The paper talking about a television station it doesn't even own!

But I am digressing. On  Day 5 I feel a bit disconnected and  very ready for this detox to be over.  In my experiment to get control on one thing it's likely I am overdosing on newsprint. And it's not even Sunday yet! I continue to be appalled at the astonishing number of people who walk the streets of Manhattan oblivious to everything but their phone conversation, including a car who has the right of way, the person next to them and in more than one rather distressing scene, the child they were pushing in the stroller. And let's not get into the texting. Oprah is on a no driving and texting campaign. Perhaps the no phone zone should be extended to walking. No laughing aloud! You have no idea how many people bump into me texting and walking and look at me like I am the one who is rude!

While I'm ready for this detox diet to be done, I am fascinated by the time it has opened up for me and what I am observing.  I feel lighter, my head feels clearer and the world has not come to an end because I do not know the details of my Twitter feed or that I've been cheating a bit.

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