Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jobs Of The Damned

Anyone who has ever worked a job has a story. At least one worth telling. Whether it is the worst boss you ever encountered or the most bizarre situation you ever found yourself witness to. Every office, every workplace is teeming with the tales. Here's your chance to tell yours.

Jobs Of The Damned is not your average writing contest. Now through May 2, 2010. you can submit your story. There are cash prizes and weekly winners plus the chance to be published in the Jobs of the Damned anthology. Unlike many writing contests, you can check in daily to read that submissions for that week, plus you get to vote on your favorites.

Jobs of the Damned is a cross platform publishing venture initiated by Heliotrope Books. All of the details are on the site including a provision for you to submit your entry anonymously. Whether you are a writer or just an employee with a good story to share this looks to be a lot of fun. Jobs of the Damned is relying on viral marketing and the power of the Internet to elicit entries, so please, spread the word!
In interest of full disclosure, yes, I have been invited to be one of the panel of judges.

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heliotrope said...

Writing these stories is a challenge.

It's one thing to live them, another to recount them in an engaging, simpatico and even humorous way.

Anyone who's curious, check out the homepage and you'll see how several authors handled it. Maybe you'll be among our next.