Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just For Fun

Yes, I suppose it sounds silly. But this is how writers can get sidetracked when they sit down in front of the computer. One minute you are just checking the comment section on your own blog and the next you are taking on a blog challenge. It is actually quite fun. The challenge is to fill in after the words in bold below. I'm calling it this morning's writing practice. If you'd like to join in or take the challenge yourself visit Female2Female.

If I could dance right now, I would call up my favorite dance instructor Alex Tchassov and see if I could book a session this morning.

In my kitchen cupboard is extra virgin olive oil, a box of whole wheat linguine and more vitamin supplements than I can count.
On my desk are piles of notebooks, one for each project, my gratitude candle and a big mug of coffee.
Image in my head is of the East End of Long Island in July, a perfect beach day, sun warm, but not scorching, the sky blue, just enough of a breeze that it makes me never want to leave.

In the middle of my to do list is what is at the beginning and the end, writing projects.

I am dreading getting my taxes organized.
Right now I want to be sitting in a romantic cafe in Paris.
I think that I am a pretty lucky woman that I can justify a blog challenge as good writing practice!

Going to write something brilliant today! Stay tuned!

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SimplyForties said...

I did this one too. Funny how so many people mentioned the beach in there somewhere. Wonder what we would have put were it July instead of February?