Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Health Insurance Hindrance To Creating New Jobs

Health Insurance is one of the biggest reasons many don't take the risk and create their own dream job. It is a question I got from the minute I decided not to seek another job in Corporate America. What was I going to do about Health insurance? How was I going to afford that big expense without a major company subsidizing me?

I had my Cobra to delay that decision. But now with just a few days before that runs out I understand more those concerns. It's not enough to make me run back to an office of glass and steel. I'm still sticking to my plan. I found a decent policy with its requisite high deductible and high premiums. But it does make me wonder.

If something tangible was actually done in the next day or so at the Obama Health Summit. If the concept of compromise is demonstrated and real steps towards enacting health care reform were achieved. Something that would target the insurance companies and make health care more affordable and more accessible, just how many more people might create their own new jobs and take a leap toward their passion? And if that happened how many of those entrepreneurs might be successful enough that eventually they would hire more people to work for them, creating even more jobs? Could health care reform be its own brand of job stimulus?

If you were not concerned about Health Care, what sort of an entrepreneur might you be?

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