Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger Woods: A Reinvention In Progress

I didn't watch but a few minutes of Friday's press conference but I did read the transcript posted on Tiger Woods website. It seems he is ready to start his reinvention.

The reinvention might not have had to be so drastic had he taken a tip from David Letterman and spoken when he knew the press was on to his string of mistresses rather than leave it to the media and the public to piece it all together. But he didn't. He let the press and the Internet take control. What might have been a left turn down a one way street became a 14 car pile up.

Now he has his work cut out for him. His reinvention will have to be around the Tiger Woods brand. He is no longer who we all thought him to be. He is still arguably the greatest golfer we have ever known, but it's the image of the person inside that has been destroyed.

I believe in redemption. I believe we can change. I believe that will be his angle.

He stated it was not about your accomplishments in life but about "what you overcome." There is that redemption theme.

He also remarked that he will continue to "receive help" because he has learned that is how people change. I'm with Tiger. Reinvention requires help. Should I let him know I coach reinvention?

And my favorite, his apology will come " not in the form of words, it will come from my behavior over time." This is key. The world we live in does not allow for privacy as it has in the past. While that is disconcerting to many, I think one of the pluses is it requires us to live with integrity or be found out. It is too difficult to create a public persona that is a sham. We live in a world obsessed with flaws. Too many will be on the lookout to see if the flaws win or if he does. Every step he takes will be documented.

I don't think Tiger ever consciously created the persona he had. That he could "do no wrong" image. It fell to him because of his skill as a golfer. And he let everyone think it was his truth. Maybe that was part of the problem. He was only living his truth on the course, but never off of it. Now he has a chance to prove he can use the integrity he owns as a golfer as he reinvents not just the image we have of him personally, but the life itself.

I don't condone what he did but I do believe in redemption. This is a win I'd like to see.

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