Monday, March 1, 2010

Is Reinvention A Necessity?

I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Christiane Northrup a couple of weeks ago speaking on the Art of Reinvention. She said something about this being the time of year when the sap starts to turn around the trees in preparation for spring. Being the urban girl that I tend to be I will not profess to fully comprehend what that means. But I know enough to understand that winter is naturally a time of rest for the earth, a time of preparation for rebirth in the Spring.

She said something else that made me think. That our bodies are living examples of reinvention. The exhaling of a breath is allowing toxins to leave our system so we can breathe in clean, fresh air to replenish ourselves. Every seven years every cell of our body reinvents itself. It is necessary to our survival.

Our bodies have no choice but to reinvent. It is a natural process. The trees have no choice but to rest now, prepare for spring, blossom with new growth, flourish until that point the leaves start to turn and the process starts all over. If they stop they die.

Nothing has been created to stay static. If reinvention is not a choice for our bodies and the trees, but a necessary and natural process of what it means to survive and be fully alive, than why do we think the same does not hold true for our work?

Maybe we don't choose to reinvent our jobs. Maybe it is necessary. Maybe we reinvent because there is no other choice if we want to continue as vibrant, healthy beings.

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