Friday, November 8, 2013

Somedays It's Out Of Your Control

I think being an entrepreneur is one of the few things you can do where you can be busy all day long and at the end of it have no idea what you have done to move the needle. 

I've had a lot of those days since that damn Mercury went into retrograde.  Those in the know will tell you it's been exceptionally hard for people. A lot complaining about exhaustion and intense emotions. 

I admit to being one of those people who believe in planetary influences. I understand energy and how sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn't.

But that does not make me feel any more satisfied when I hear that maybe the reason I  have no idea what I have done to move my business is because of something out of my control. 

Yes, I admit it. Deep within me lies a control freak.

All those years of selling ingrained this idea into my head that there is always something I can do to move things in the direction I  want them to. That me - only me - has the ability to make something happen by controlling every move.

Only part of that is true. I do possess the ability to create - but not necessarily by controlling every step. 

Yes there are things you can do and should do and if you were working with me I could give you a long list of techniques to grow your business. 

And then there are those things you are driven to do - if an entrepreneur - hopefully from deep within your soul. 

But you still can't control it all.

You never will.

There will always be days when every moment is filled and things spin in unforeseen directions, at the end of which you have no idea what it all meant.

At which point the only option is to surrender and trust that a power greater than you sees the bigger picture. 

And be thankful Mercury straightens itself out on November 11.

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