Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Before The Smartphone

The other day I was gifted with some free time between appointments and wandered into the lobby of the W Hotel on Lexington. 

It was after 5 and hard to find a seat, even on a Tuesday. It was even harder to find one person who was not distracted or occupied with an electronic device. 

Including me. 

In fact if not for the very noisy party of twenty sitting far too close to me I might not have looked up from my iPad to notice. 

But when I did, it made me sad.

I started longing for life before smartphones and iPads when the battery I most worried would run out of juice was not the one in my iPhone.

I felt nostaglic for an era when a  pack of cigarettes sat next to my drink  in a hotel lobby bar instead of a phone. And I never even smoked! 

I remembered fondly when I would have unexpected free time - like this - and I would just sit and let my eyes wander the room to see who might be interesting to talk to instead of scrolling a screen reading about someone else's life and wondering why mine didn't seem to be measuring up. 

And then it hit me. 

I still can. 

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