Sunday, March 11, 2012

Into The Zone

You've probably been wondering where I have been. My blog has been quiet in the last week or so. This goes against all the rules on the care and feeding of a blog. But sometimes there is no choice. Especially when you are a writer working on a project of more, than say the typical 300-750 words in a blog.

Bigger projects consume and require a writer to get into the zone. Which is where I have been. Working on a tiny book in which I will share the many tips and tricks I have for managing your time efficiently and with output. And if that sounds a bit too business like for you, don't think for a moment that I do not figure out ways to do that with pleasure. Or that this pamphlet size book will not be fun and entertaining. It will. But it will also be helpful. At least that is my intention.

So essentially where I have been is walking the walk of this new book and employing one of my time saving tricks to implement when working on the big stuff. The presentations, the proposals, the books. The trick is to shut everything else off and employ triage when necessary. Essentially  that meant I  put  the big project of this very small book ahead of all else and neglected some other stuff.

This blog being part of that "stuff". Yes, there was guilt. And fear I would lose my readers. That is what all of the "rules of blogging" posts out there will try and convince you. Consistency, consistency, consistency.  But rules as I like to believe, are made to be broken. Especially if they are taking you off task.  Not to mention that  Seth Godin confesses he has broken many supposed "rules" of blogging. And look where that has gotten him! More followers than most of us bloggers dare to  dream of having.

So I broke a rule, dove into something I am pretty passionate about and now I am back. The little book is not quite finished but the work to do on it now allows me space to write some other stuff too. For now.

PS. I'm also posting this on a Sunday. Depending on who you are talking to, not necessarily the best day to get readers to your site. Tuesday supposedly is the day of choice. Oh well! I never did like to follow the crowd.


John Fleming said...

Be interested in seeing the new piece!

Unknown said...

Thanks John! Perhaps you can be on of my Beta readers!