Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Taking Intention To Task

Intention is defined as a thing intended; an aim or plan. I've always preferred the word intention to goal when plotting my course. A goal implies focus on a specific object and suggests that we are standing on a football field and playing by someone else's rules instead of our own. Intention for me is the next step towards what I desire to create. And I like the sound of that better.

But whether intention or goal, nothing manifests without steps taken. I can intend all I want but if I do nothing, nothing is created. My favorite example is that of writing a book because it is such a clear one. You can intend to write a book,  or set the goal of writing a book, but if you don't write a page, all the good intentions and goals setting in the world will not produce the book.

Which is why I like to take intention to task. Every week. I take a look at my big intentions and I drill down to task. I ask myself these questions.

  • What three things will I do this week that are directly related to my bigger intentions? 
  • What three things will I do today that will have an impact on those big goals?

And when I catch myself wondering why I am doing what I am doing at the moment, say taking a wander on FaceBook, it helps to stop and ask myself how this is benefiting my big intention for the day, the week, or the year. If I can't draw a direct line or even an indirect line of its impact, it's my signal to go do something that will.

What is your larger intention today?
What three things will you do to further that intention?

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