Monday, January 24, 2011

What's Your Manifesto?

When I have thought about manifestos in the past my mind goes right to politics. Think high school world history class and Communist Manifesto.  But it seems rather trendy at the moment to have a manifesto whether it is for your business, a new idea you want to spread or your own personal journey.

In Tribes, Seth Godin considers publishing a manifesto as a key element if you have an idea to spread and want to create a micromovement. The point is to get clear on what your idea is and the direction you want to go. Maybe start with following Dan Pink's suggestion for changing your life in 2010 and asking yourself what is your sentence?

A little research and I found manifestos as varied as being arranged in a list or  more creative and graphic along the lines of a vision board. But what they all shared was a sense of clarity and direction.

I've started one to help me get clear on this non fiction book proposal I am writing. And its' working.

In my research I  came across this really cool manifesto on The Gypsy Girls Guide that I had to share with you.  While I do have a passion for travel, I am too much of a homebody to lead a bohemian life style, so I'm not planning on joining their tribe.  But I do love their manifesto!

Do you have a manifesto for your business? your life?
If you do what is it?
If you don't what would be the first item you would create for it?


Tracy said...

It is so interesting that you wrote this. I don't have a manifesto, but my friend just showed me a personal "mission statement" that her father-in-law wrote and framed for himself in the 1950s. She has it hanging on the wall of her office and looks upon it as a reminder of all the hard work and sacrifice that he make life better for those who came after him.

Unknown said...

It's a really great exercise!
Mission Statement
Vision Board

Whatever you choose to call it!

Thanks for reading!

Tiny Devotions said...

We just made our manifesto as well

Unknown said...

Congrats! I'm popping over now to take a look. Thanks for stopping by here.