Friday, January 7, 2011


That was my word for this week. Traction.  It is what I wrote at the very top of my weekly ToDo list.


I wanted to gain some traction in this first week of the new year. To feel I was making some solid progress towards what I want to create in 2011.

It's been slow. Slow enough to make me feel anxious. I haven't been willing to rest in this spot. To remember that movement, no matter how slow is movement forward. I worry  I am going to blink and 2011 will have escaped me.  And nothing will have manifested.

I needed to get clear on exactly what I want to create this year. So I started a list of 101 Desires/Intentions I have for the year. I'm up to 49. Even the process of making a list is going slowly.

My body has not been cooperating. She is still healing from that awful flu. She's crying for more rest and she's been winning. I know that is necessary right now but I still have this burning  urge to press my foot on the accelerator and really gain some speed and cover some ground.

So I started to make a list of what I did accomplish instead of focusing on what I had not. I published a story on I wrote a blog or two. I made progress on my book proposal. I talked to my coaching clients. I crossed off ten of my twenty items on my weekly ToDo list.

Maybe there really is movement.
Even if it feels as if the snow chains are on the tires.
Even if it is    ever    so      slowly.

How is your first week of 2011?
Did you gain any traction towards what you want to accomplish?
Do you know what you want to accomplish?

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