Monday, January 3, 2011

For Real

I can hear it. In the quiet of this  first Monday of the first month of a brand new year. A clean page turning. Absent from any scribbling in the margins, cross outs or erasures. A fresh sheet of white paper to begin the writing of a year. 2011. For real.

Yes, just a few days ago the finishing touches were being put on that month long stream of festivities and extra "stuff" to get done that December is. But all those touches of red and green, the Santa Clauses and snow men I collect, my tree, are now packed away as if they had not made their annual appearance. As if it all wasn't  for real. But it was. And now this is.

2011. That is a big number.

What will I make of it? 

There are no resolutions for me. I don't believe in the word. Intention yes. Desires, many. Visions, absolutely. As I sit here in this moment trying to decide what I will do first, I know that until I take a step, the page stays blank. The words stay unwritten. The songs unsung. The memories only dreams.
Until I take that first step I make nothing of it. For real.

In front of me I see the clean slate. I can almost smell the mixture of chalk dust and water that have wiped away the markings of 2010 as if it was that easy to erase the impact of what happened. The victories, the defeats, the laughter, the tears,  the love, the anger.

Then I remember that is what is so wonderful about this way we mark our lives in years. What happened before did matter and it did exist and it leaves its mark. But  now we have this chance to start over, to use what we  have learned and move forward. A new beginning that leads to a new middle to a new ending. A new real.  The cycle of life. But not until we take that first step. For real.

What is the first step you are taking?
Do you have a vision of 2011?
Do you know what you want to create?
What will you make of 2011?

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For real!


suzi Banks Baum said...

I love your writing Joanne, let me say that first.
And the blank slate.
I have been mindfully clearing my desk, studio, house in order to be ready...make Room...for my Sacred Intentions.
And leaving room for spontaneity, joy and surprises.
xoxox More when I have a clear thing to share. Love, S

Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Cheers to the blank slate ahead! Happy New Year :)