Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ya Gotta Play To Win

I never win anything. OK. I stand corrected. Once in a while I win something, just not very often. But my low odds never stop me from buying a MegaMillions ticket and dreaming.  And it does not stop me from entering the occasional online contest, just for the fun of it.

Take for instance a few weeks ago when one of the websites I like to visit, StyleSubstanceSoul was giving away a pair of shoes. I liked the concept, SpareSoles, handy little ballet flats that fit into your purse for those moments when you just can't walk one more step in the shoes on your feet and want to run barefoot. Clever idea. And ever so practical if you live in a city like New York and have a penchant for shoes with style like me.

I filled out my name and email address and let it go. And then just yesterday afternoon I got a note from their swag department informing me that I had won! Yes, me the person who rarely wins contests but still harbors eternal hope had won her very own pair of Spare Soles!

The experience turned around an otherwise ordinary day. You see, I saw this not just as a prize, or one more pair of shoes to add to my collection. I saw this as a clear reminder that you have to play to win. Whatever it is, from filling out what might seem to others as a silly little contest form to taking a small step towards living a life you love. If you don't at least try, you never know. And if you don't take that first step, your chances of moving from the spot you are standing in dwindle. So today, I dare you to play to win.

Whatever it is, from buying that Lotto ticket to calling that hot guy you've been dying to go out with to submitting a story to a literary contest or your resume for a job that you are certain is already filled. You'll never know if you can win if you don't take a step to play.

Do you think winning is for everyone else but you?
Do you get in the game and play or sit on the sidelines and wonder why nothing changes?
How will you play to win today?

Stop by StyleSubstanceSoul , an online gathering of women who strive to look good, feel good, do good.
Visit Spare Soles and check out these genius flats that make wearing heels more fun


Aidan Donnelley Rowley @ Ivy League Insecurities said...

Such a good message here: You've got to play to win. Too many people go through life without playing and wonder why they aren't winning. Thanks for this reminder!

heliotrope said...

Defying the odds, stepping out of the comfort zone. Love it!

Joanne said...

Great sentiment - and inspirational!