Monday, December 13, 2010

Plan A or Plan B

A lot of people will tell you to have a Plan B. As soon as something isn't working out, the advice is to consider Plan B.  A few years ago I would have told you the same thing. In fact I still will.

Have a Plan B.

Know what you would do if money was not an issue, if there were no how is that ever going to happen infiltrating your brain, if all of your "handcuffs" disappeared into the ether and you could just go for it. I encourage you to know what that looks like.

But what I also want you to consider is what if your Plan B turns out to be your original Plan A?  What if Plan A is not the plan you are living, but the one  that you never got to act on? The one you've been calling Plan B?

For too many of us Plan B is the one that was always there whether we chose to recognize it or not. It's been lingering somewhere in the recesses of our imagination. It's the one that we were too afraid to say aloud because it seemed too impossible to achieve. Or the one that we were told was no way to earn a living. The one that our young self was determined to go for despite all  the odds until something sidetracked us towards a path that seemed more sensible or more stable or more easily achievable.

What if the whole time you've been strategizing Plan B you discovered your  Plan B is the one you've been living and Plan A was the one you never got to try?

What if it turned out there were no Plan As or Plan Bs there were just choices you made and paths you took?

What would you do then?

Do you believe in having a Plan B?
Are you living Plan A or Plan B?

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