Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Choice Of Fear

Sometimes I get scared. After so many years of living in a world where I knew when my next check would arrive, not knowing takes some getting used to.

There are days when it can consume. When I look for the easiest way to erase those fears. Days when it can make any entrepreneur wonder why they chose this route. After all wouldn't it be easier to just have a conventional job, one where every second Thursday new money appeared in the checking account via the miracle of automatic deposit? There is  a sense of security in that.

Or is there?

Does a "regular" job really mean the money worries go away? Or is that just a perception we have created for ourselves that keeps us working at things and in places we no longer want to be anymore? The idea that the "regular" job will make us not afraid.

Or would it?

For me, the "regular" job was the fear that had me take this route in the first place. My fear of  being someplace I didn't want to be anymore doing something that no longer fuels my soul.

That fear drove me to do something that might be more fearful to someone else, like not knowing when the next deposit is cleared. I chose my fear. And when I remember it was a choice, I am not  afraid.

What are you most afraid of?
Taking the road less traveled?
Staying someplace you don't want to be?
Do you think fear is a choice?

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Beth said...

Wow, this is fantastic and the timing of you blogging this could not be more perfect. (and elegant of course)
Thank you for your insight on this.