Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tales of Reinvention: Daniel Mancini

Daniel Mancini spent twenty five years in the garment industry. Two years ago he turned his back on it all and followed his dream of creating a business  based on his  grandmother's secret meatball recipe. Yes, that would make him part of the growing group of Corporate expatriates in search of a more meaningful work life. Mama Mancini's, packaged for modern day life, was born of  Daniel's love of his grandmother's sauce and the Sunday dinner.

I discovered Daniel in today's New York Times, but apparently the meatballs are available in a food store near you or can be delivered right to your door.

On his blog Daniel writes:
"The secret to making an amazing meatball: 1% is the ingredients and 99% is love."
I think it's also the secret to an amazing life.

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