Monday, March 29, 2010

The Glambertinas

If you're wondering what The Glambertinas are it's not the name of a new martini or a new automobile. It's the name given to the group of women who have a thing for Adam Lambert. Some might call it an obsession. They call it a passion.

I admit to not watching American Idol. I admit that I barely knew what Adam Lambert looked like before his notorious performance on The American Music Awards. I admit that personally I don't get it.

But what I do get is what they discovered about themselves and created as a result of their collective love for the 27 year old, openly gay male who came in second place in Season 8 of the show.

It started last June with a blog that Allegra Huston wrote on wowOwow. The title, What is it about Adam Lambert? says it all. She hit a nerve that resulted in thousands of comments, latest count is 21,333 and an ensuing dialogue. Out of those women writing there were two prominent contributors. Xena and Juneau. They have real names, day jobs, families, fall into the age demographic known as us baby boomers, but at this point in the story they'll stay Xena and Juneau.

Xena and Juneau had never met before. Adam Lambert was their sign from the Universe that they should. Neither had ever written before. But their attraction for Adam and his eyes thick with mascara and eyeliner inspired something in them. They posted constantly to the comment thread to Allegra's blog about what they refer to as their "affliction". They began writing essays on what he stirred inside of them. Adam is their muse. Their writing spawned a blog of their own. Although they don't like that word. They prefer salon.

Writing under cover proved very freeing for both women. It opened up something in their lives, gave them a fresh direction and yes, now there is even a book. On The Meaning Of Adam Lambert.

I still don't get the Adam Lambert attraction. But what I do get is the purpose he's serving. Adam was their sign from the Universe that things needed shaking up in their lives. He serves as their inspiration as he does for countless of his fans. The women write that Adam's message is "to not be put in a box, to be true to ourselves, to take ownership of our dreams." I cannot begin to figure out how they got that message through him nor do I want to try. But I like that message. I believe in that message. And if Adam Lambert is their way of owning it and living it, then everything is happening as it should.

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