Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The First Thing You Need To Do To Improve Your Digital Profile

Improving your online digital profile is not as complicated as most people think it is. In fact, it starts with this very simple exercise I offer in my YOUR DIGITAL YOU workshops.

I ask people to Google  their name.

I know it sounds crazy, but I am always astounded by the number of people who tell me they have never done this before.

So go ahead.
Try it now.
Click this link and type in your name.

The second part of the exercise is to answer questions like these:

  • Do you like what you found?
  • Is the information recent or outdated?
  • Are the results telling the story of who you are as a  brand?

We go a bit more in-depth in the workshop, but you get the gist. If it's all matching up to the picture you want to paint then give yourself a big round of applause.

It's possible that it all happened by accident, but the odds are it's because you have been putting attention on your online self.

You get that people such as....

  • Potential clients
  • Prospective employers 
  • The referral you just got through your business partner
  • The cute guy you gave your card to at your college roommates birthday party

......are Googling your name to find out more. 

You're keeping up with life in the age of digital. 

Of course if you are like most people, you have not been giving it any real consideration. In which case I suggest, if you are in NYC on November 13 you sign up for my last in person YOUR DIGITAL YOU -  the blueprint - the workshop designed to improve your digital profile of 2014. 

If you can't make that date - be sure to sign up to follow this blog or my newsletter to stay informed of future workshops in 2015.

Whatever you choose to do - put some attention on this! Your online you deserves consideration as much as your in-person you does.

YOUR DIGITAL YOU can be brought in-house to your business or organization and customized for your industry. For more information on how that works email me today.

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