If you want to stay marketable and relevant you need an impactful digital profile. The hardest part is figuring out where to start. 

YOUR DIGITAL YOU - THE BLUEPRINT - a workshop designed to improve your digital profile and the signature product in THE DEMYSTIFYING THE DIGITAL LANDSCAPE SERIES, was designed to offer exactly that - a starting point. 

who this workshop can help:
+business professionals + entrepreneurs + corporate executives 
+ would-be influencers + job seekers + creatives

what you'll learn: 
+how to evaluate your current digital footprint
+how to get clear on the story you want to tell
+how to create a blueprint to optimize your digital presence.

3 ways this workshop is offered: 
+to businesses and organizations in-house 
+in public settings (Register here for October 14 or November 13 in NYC - Use EARLYBird to get a 10% discount if purchased before October 1, 2014)
+ online ( in development - stay tuned!)

In addition to my signature product, YOUR DIGITAL YOU, I also offer the following workshops and talks, each customized for the audience to which I am speaking.

+Digital Marketing 101 - The Broad Strokes
+Social Media Basics - More Than Just Being Social 
+Storytelling for Business 
+Creating Content That Engages and Influences
+Owning Your Personal Story
+What Good Salespeople Know That Everyone Should
+The Consumer Path in the Age of Digital
+Selling in the Age of the Educated Consumer
+How to Pitch Your Big Idea
+Leveraging LinkedIn

For more information please email me here. I look forward to speaking with you and talking more about how you can grow your business and build your personal brand through improving your Digital IQ!

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