Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The #1 Reason People Ignore Their Digital Profiles

Before I started working with people on improving their digital profiles I thought what was holding back most from paying attention to how they looked online was fear.

Fear of all these new tools. The little things like deciding which social network is best for their needs and how to find a Google+ community that makes sense

Fear of losing their privacy. Creating that LinkedIn profile that now broadcasts our work histories to the world can be a little disconcerting at first - even if the truth is that information can already be found online if one looks hard enough.

I was right about there being fear. But wrong about which one looms much greater than how to use digital tools and worries over privacy. 

The biggest fear is getting to what our story really is. 

Asking ourselves the  tough questions -

Like what do I do?
Why do I do this?
Who do I serve?

And the real stumper - what makes me remarkable?

Watch what happens when you ask someone that question. Most start to shake. They'll look away, contort their face into a grimace, pretend the question wasn't asked. There might be a nervous giggle and more than one is ready to back out of the room.  

And few believe me when I tell them there is something remarkable about all of us. We just have to take the time to look at ourselves - not just as we see us - but as Sally Hogshead says - the world sees us.  

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