Thursday, June 19, 2014

How YOU Fascinate

I became a fan of Sally Hogshead in 2011 after reading her book, Fascinate - the 7 Triggers to Fascination and Captivation.  The premise of her work is that in an overcrowded, 24/7 world our ability to fascinate translates into our ability to influence - whether we are talking about our products or our personal brand.

The first time I took her Fascination Advantage Assessment I admit to being a bit skeptical. Twenty-eight questions that take as little as five minutes to answer seemed unlikely to provide me with any information that I could use. 

Let me say, I was wrong. The insight the assessment gave me was pretty amazing. This is a sample of what I got.

There is a lot more detail in the report than this image - and I will say - yes - I found every bit to resonate.

I was hooked. 

I started to recommend the assessment to anyone who worked with me. I find it extraordinarily useful when someone is working on their digital profile and personal brand to understand how the world sees them and how to use that to their advantage. 

I've incorporated it into my digital marketing class. Capturing someone's attention is no easy feat in a world where our average attention span has now shrunk to eight seconds - less than that of a goldfish! Learning what can trigger our fascination is useful information and what better place to start than learning how we personally trigger fascination.

Sally's newest book, How The World Sees YOU - Discover Your Highest Value Through The Science Of Fascination, releases on July 1. Needless to say - I can hardly wait to read it! And in fact, I am so excited I am including a copy of the book along with the Fascination Advantage Assessment in the price of Your Digital You - the blueprint - the workshop designed to improve your digital presence on June 24.

But now there is even more!  The How to Fascinate Team has very generously offered me a special code to spread to my networks that allows you access to the assessment -valued at $37 - for FREE wherever in the world you happen to reside! 

All you need to do is go to this link , enter the code YDY to create a user account and get started!  Just keep in mind that this offer is limited to 1000 people and expires on July 24!!

The more we know about ourselves the more advantages we have in all aspects of our lives - online and offline. This is a great tool to get you started! 

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