Friday, August 30, 2013

What I Read This Summer

It's here. Labor Day Weekend. Just like that in a blink of an eye another summer has flashed by. With the forecast here in New York looking to include lots of clouds and rain - reading is sure to be on my list of weekend activities. So I thought - as the weekend is about to get into full swing-  I would share what I read this summer that qualifies to make my list of recommended reading.

Consider yourself forewarned. This list includes novels, books on marketing and even one on angels. It is proof positive that I have eclectic interests and reading habits.

That said - in no particular order -

Is This Tomorrow?  This wonderful novel by Caroline Leavitt will make you not care if it pours all weekend. Consider this a must read. 

Control, Alt, Delete - Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life.  I just discovered Mitch Joel this summer and have since become a follower. Marketing Magazine called him the "Rock Star of Digital" so that pretty sums up what he writes about. 

OohLaLa - French Women's Secrets to Feeling Beautiful Every Day. I already forewarned you that I mix my daily reading with new and innovative uses of make-up and Vine  - so this one is definitely for women only. It's a delightfully entertaining and inspiring read - true to form for author Jamie Cat Callan. 

Angels In My Hair. You have to believe in a power greater than yourself to enjoy this memoir by Lorna Byrne. One of my most favorite take-a-ways is that people have forgotten to ask the angels for help. The author explains this is resulting in lots of unemployed angels. So asking for help is actually giving someone- somewhere - a job.

The Silent Wife. The saddest thing about finishing this novel was finding out the author, A.S.A Harrison had died just as it was being published and so we will not get to see anymore of her brilliant and riveting writing. Just know - that while it is being marketed as 'like Gone Girl' -it's not. It's much better! This is actually believable. 

The New Rules of Marketing and PR - the new and improved 4th Edition. I've recommended David Meerman Scott before and will continue to do so. If you don't get or don't believe that marketing really has changed - forever - this is the best place to start getting it. In full disclosure it is the book I use with my graduate students. 

Choose Yourself! James Altucher is another new discovery for me this summer. I had been tripping over him but it was a podcast he did with Mitch Joel that provoked me to pick up his book. James is not for the faint heart - but he is funny, entertaining and very smart. He will also catch you off guard with his own special brand of spirituality.

What about you? What did you read this summer that you recommend?  Please add in the comment section. All categories welcome!

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