Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That First Impression

One thing that has not changed in the age of digital is the importance of a  first impression. It still counts. 

But what has changed is the amount of time we have in which to make one.

Our average attention span is purported to be that of a goldfish - less than nine seconds. That makes the idea of the elevator pitch sound like an eternity of time in which to capture someone's attention.

Photo-shopped pictures. Catchy headlines. Slick video. Podcasts that can come on a walk with me.

All vie for our attention amidst the sea of chatter that washes over our lives each day - feeding our impatience as we all fall victim to systemic ADD.

Don't have what I like and I'm gone. 
Don't make it easy for me to find and I'm gone sooner.

It would be easier for me to snag more than the requisite nine seconds of your time if we happen to meet in person. 

Human connection still rules above all.  

But your first impression - your first clue to my personality or that of my brand or that last item you plunked down your American Express card to buy- most likely happened here.

On line. 
More and more - on your smartphone or tablet.  

The question is does yours match up? 

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