Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What We Don't Know

What we don't know scares us. That fear leaves us with two options. We can let it make us stand still - digging our heels in deeper than ever to where we have been. We can pretend that whatever we don't know doesn't matter. That it's not important. We can deny that whatever it is has any real impact on us - much less our customers.

The other choice we have is to embrace that unknown. To look at it as a new adventure. One we know might make us look a little silly at first or appear a bit vulnerable. But we're willing to take the risk. After all - who wins anything worth talking about by standing still?

We can be like one of those executives Bonnie Fuller talks about in her recent article in AdAge - ignoring the change - therefore misreading their markets -admittedly overwhelmed with all this digital marketing stuff and not doing much about it.

Or we can embrace the change. We can start by demystifying the fear and educating ourselves. 

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