Saturday, May 11, 2013

It Will Never Be Enough

When I was deciding what to write in this post for Mother's Day, I almost opted not to. Over the year's I've written a lot of posts that include and honor my mother. What more could there be to say - not to mention what does the subject really have to do with living and working in the digital age?

I've expressed my gratitude for her laughter, warmth, generosity, sense of style and  the way we can laugh and be silly together. 

I've told the story of how her arthritis now gets in the way of her baking and so I was forced  a few years ago to learn how to bake her special Greek sweet bread and discovered I actually like to bake! 

I've told the tale of my desire to dye the perfect red Easter eggs and her voice telling me, "Honey, don't worry. They'll come out perfect. Everything you do always does."

I wrote about how she was always receptive to trying something new and being trendy and so one year bought a silver aluminum Christmas tree, despite my begging her not to.

I've told the story of  how I grew up listening to her sing along with Doris Day, "Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see, que sera, sera." 

I've shared her obsession with worrying and belief she was born with two worry birds, one sitting on each shoulder and her wise advice that one should always think before you speak.

Most recently I celebrated her in honor of her 90th birthday in October.

That seems enough. But it's not.

There will always be something more for me to say about my mother, about her fierceness and strength, her humor -  when she remembers to laugh at herself - and the courage in which she faces the physical limitations of growing old. 

Now that she needs us to watch out for her, she is constantly telling my brother and I how lucky she is to have us. That she doesn't know what she did to deserve two children who are so there for her. 

But I know what she did. She gave us the gift of love. Unconditional love. If there was ever anything we doubted, it was never that we were loved.

And for that, there will never be enough words said. 

As for what this post has to do with living and working in the digital age - at the end of the day all the technology in the world will not connect us as much as holding the hand of someone we love and who loves us. Which is what I will be doing this Mother's Day.

Mom's newest adventure - learning how to use the go-kart
in the grocery store.

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