Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Signs

The signs are there if you stop long enough to pay attention. For my advice on how to know if its time to leave your job, please click here to read my first of what I intend to be many, articles on The Huffington Post.


Tracy said...

Joanne - I read the article and liked it very much. I think many people are afraid of trading one bad situation for a worse one. I personally know that I need to make a change, but I keep waiting for the economy to either 1) put me out of business and make the decision FOR me or 2) make a comeback. When I look in the mirror, it tells me "you are breaking even...not good, but not bad either. Other people have it worse." What I need that reflection to say, however is "you can do better than this...I know you can." I think a lot of people are unfortunately satisfied with "good enough" in this economy, instead of "great." That attitude is holding back so much potential. Your thoughts?

Unknown said...

Hi Tracy,
Glad you enjoyed the article.
I know exactly what you speak of, because I was there. For me there was a lot of fear mixed around those statements, fear that is reinforced by the conversations of our peers and the media. But now that I am on the other side, my greater fear is of being back where I was, with knots in my stomach every day.
That said, I understand the fear and sometimes that means starting to take baby steps to get past it. Finding the time to start giving attention to work that does make you happy. Whether that is setting aside 20 minutes a day to research what that is, or to write a page or two on a book you might want to write.