Thursday, December 8, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

Okay, so maybe this isn't all I want for Christmas. My list is long and among other things includes falling in love again and Oprah reading and recommending my book. But high on Santa's list are reviews for The Secrets They Kept. Lots of them. Preferably with 4 or more stars. On Amazon although Barnes and Noble and Goodreads work well. But Amazon is definitely the first stop.

As an Indie author I am hot in pursuit of reviews from Santa or anyone else interested in reading and reviewing my work.

I know it may not sound like it means a lot, but Indie authors are like small businesses, without large marketing budgets and reliant on word of mouth advertising and recommendations. Which in today's world of social media and algorithms that I won't pretend to fully understand, the more often someone takes the time to write and post a few words about how much they enjoyed my novel the greater my chances are of someone who didn't know about the book finding out. And for the record, this is true of any of your favorite writers or artists you want to do well. You can consider a review an act of kindness contributing to supporting small business everywhere.

If you want clarity on how to do this and more on how it all  works I suggest you check out Anne R. Allen's terrific post, A Reader's Guide to Amazon Reviewing.

And if you read my book and told me you liked it, it made you cry, you loved my characters, or whatever else moved you about the story and you want to help see an Indie author like me rise to an Amazon pick,  write a review. Or you can buy a copy for a friend. They make great holiday gifts. You can even gift a Kindle edition!

What's on your wish list this holiday season?

The Secrets They Kept is now available for sale on: 
Barnes and Noble


Anne R. Allen said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out! I think most readers don't realize what power they have to promote the kind of reads they like best with reviews, likes and tags on Amazon.

But do beware there is an Amazon Taliban who don't believe anybody outside of their small clique should be allowed to write amazon reviews. They're very much against empowering readers and educating fans. My post got rage, temper tantrums and even death threats from this lunatic fringe. I hope none of their brand of literal-minded, humorless lunacy is visited on you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to check this out on Amazon and see if it's on Kindle. I review about 10 books a week (at least) so I'd love to read this. I'm so excited for you. You made it to the finish line! Good work!

Unknown said...

It is most certainly on Kindle!

Liane said...

I'm expecting my Kindle to arrive today. I previously read digitally on my Kindle for PC but now it will be that much easier to laze on the couch. I've got your book in electronic version. Now I'll be able to enjoy it that much more!

I am rather opinionated and when something makes an impression on me I like to share it somehow. I've only briefly checked out how to on Amazon. I think it is time to do so more seriously. The 'how to' might just be what I need. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new Kindle! I am a believer that e-readers have us reading more than less! And yes to voicing your opinion! I think one of the benefits of a technologically connected world is that we have the opportunity to exercise that right so easily!