Sunday, June 5, 2011

With But A Week Left

#Trust30 30-day writing challenge from
The Quote

Life wastes itself while we are preparing to live. 
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The writing prompt
If you had one week left to live, would you still be doing what you’re doing now? In what areas of your life are you preparing to live? Take them off your To Do list and add them to a To Stop list. Resolve to only do what makes you come alive.
Bonus: How can your goals improve the present and not keep you in a perpetual “always something better” spiral?
(Author: Jonathan Mead)

My response
I would be doing exactly what I am doing now, inspiring and creating change, writing and coaching. Perhaps the one shift would be to let myself gravitate to the writing that most moves me at the moment, instead that which must be done because I am on deadline or because I made a promise to complete. Case in point, honoring my pledge to #Trust30.

This prompt left me flat. But if I honor its suggestion to resolve to do only that which makes me come alive, perhaps my pledge to #Trust30 should shift. And I will resolve to respond only to those which tap my creative juice.

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