Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Picture of My Intuition

The secret of fortune is joy in our hands. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

If I were to picture my intuition as a person she would be me, albeit the wiser, calmer version of myself than the person I am at this moment. My intuition would have that grace and serenity that I visualize when I am attempting my ten minute minimum of daily meditation.  She smiles, she knows, she trusts in me, in the process and in the Universe.

She looks like the person others see when they come to ask me advice, to coach them, to guide them, to offer suggestions.  If we were to sit down for dinner later today my intuition would tell me to stop wasting energy worrying and trying to think things through too much. She would tell me to meditate more and to listen for her voice, that she has never and will never steer me wrong. She would remind me she is always available for me to hear it's just that I'm not always paying attention. She'd most likely add in that I should start with eating a bit slower and giving more thought to each bite. 

I am participating in the #Trust30 30-day writing challenge from This is Prompt#23 courtesy of Susan Piver

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