Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Confession

It wasn't something I was planning on. I had resolved myself that I was done, in fact publicly admitting that I was over it on this very blog. But I knew I might be tempted. From the moment the previews featured her, a real star chosen as part of the cast I knew I could  be broken from my resolve.

She was after all Kirstie Alley. She was funny, she was a celebrity in the traditional sense, she was hardly athletic and she was a woman well over the age of fifty.

But I still didn't seek it out. I just turned on the television last night, ready to head over to Showtime on Demand and watch Sunday's episode of Californication and there it was. Dancing with the Stars. About forty minutes in.  I thought I'd watch for just a few minutes, to see if she had danced yet but she hadn't. So I kept watching. I told myself it would just be until Kirstie performed, then I would change the channel. They must have known because they saved her for last, an hour and twenty minutes after I had first tuned in.

I'd forgotten how addictive the show can be.  Once you start watching, its hard to stop. And now there is Kirstie. Real star entertainment.

I haven't set my DVR yet. It's too soon to tell. I'm thinking maybe I'll watch as long as Kirstie lasts. But if last night's performance was any indication, that could be most of the season. She had the second highest score of the evening, totally rocking, owning her beauty and dancing like the star she is!


Charlene said...

Me too! Kirstie rocks. She is funny and sexy and talented and in great shape to be able to pull that off. I do believe I'm addicted for the season. When you posted last year's blog I totally agreed with you--until I watched the show anyhow. The Situation totally turned me around and I realized that "Star" for me, isn't about celebrity, but rather work ethic and attitude. He had it and so do some of the other "faux" stars they pick for the show....

Anonymous said...

I must be the opposite. I can't stand Kirstie or the show. If anyone, I'd be rooting for the Karate Kid. I always feel badly for everyone who participates, as if by doing so they admit that they are has beens. Eek, I even feel bad saying that.