Friday, March 4, 2011

My Fabulous 300th Post!

I never really worry about having enough to say.  But I do worry about whether anyone cares enough to listen or in this case read, whether what I have to say will be fabulous enough to get your attention. I was really concerned back when I was writing Blog Post #1 and I wasn't even sure I understood what a blog was. But here I am, 300 posts later!

I think that's pretty fabulous!

Fabulous. Not amazing, or insane or any of these other trendy words people seem obsessed with substituting when they really mean terrific.

Amazing can mean fabulous. But it can also mean astonishment in the worst sort of way.

Insane is utter madness, the kind of word  that best describes Glenn Beck or Charlie Sheen.

But Fabulous is remarkable, fantastic, exceptional, terrific!
Fabulous is living in a world where one can publish anything they want anytime they want and find a following!
Fabulous is spring just two weeks away!
Fabulous is Regena Thomashauer's new Mastery class starting this weekend!
Fabulous is connecting and meeting new friends through the magic of social networking!
Fabulous is finding out about a book all about The Essentials of Fabulous via Twitter!
Fabulous is the author inviting me to her book party!
Fabulous is meeting more fabulous people at the event at the fabulous Lindhardt Gallery!
Fabulous is writing and posting my 300th blog!!

Thank you all for reading!
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In the meantime, tell me something you think is fabulous!
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