Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh The Noise Out There!

It's really noisy out there. So noisy that it's hard to get much of anything done unless you shut it all off.

The Middle East, in which it seems a new country a day is added to the list of unrest. Wisconsin, in which Democrats are on the run to prevent a quorum vote so the Republicans cannot take away the Unions right to collective bargaining.  Republicans everywhere forgetting the reason they got control of the House in the Fall was to create more jobs and get the economy going, not eliminate them and get sidetracked with attacks on Planned Parenthood without actually understanding the good this organization does.

Then there is a rumor the federal government could shut down if a spending bill is not passed which is almost as rampant as the one that Dancing With The Stars, with a penchant for signing on Republicans with no real stardom but lots of bad choices (think Tom DeLay and Bristol Palin) has offered Christine O'Donnell a slot to compete for the Mirrorball trophy.

It makes my head hurt just to write about it. But I had to. I have been off trying to get work done. I needed full concentration so I kept myself away from anything but the headlines, even this blog. I needed the time away without distraction. I needed to get things done.

Until today.

Today I am catching up. I am back.

Is it there too much noise out there for you?
How do you manage it?

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