Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog Day And Desire#32

In the depths of this tundra like Northeast winter where one snow filled day is starting to run into another, I anxiously awaited news from Punxsutawney yesterday. I don't care if it is myth and without scientific finding.  I, like many others, wanted Phil to tell us spring will be early this year. I wanted some indication that a day would come soon when I could wear something on my feet besides my snow boots.

And that little groundhog  delivered more than good news. He sent a tiny ray of hope that the seeds of all we've been planting this winter would be blooming sooner than later.

It got me to thinking about my personal garden and that list of 101 desires and intentions I wrote just one month ago. I needed to take a look at it. Keep it fresh in my mind. If not, like the character in Bill Murray's 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, I know I will find myself repeating what was instead of creating what will be.

I read the list again. Some of it made me smile and some made me anxious that not enough progress has been made so far. Those little knives of self sabotage that scream, how is that ever going to happen? The panic that maybe you are reaching too high. The kind that instead of spurring you into action makes you want to freeze dead in your tracks.

Being a coach doesn't mean you never have your moments. But for me it does require  asking myself what would I tell a client to do in a moment like that. The answer was easy.  I would tell them to reread the list. I would tell them to breathe each one in as if it was already manifested. I would suggest finding one thing they could do right then and there and take a step towards it.

I read Desire #32. To dance more. 

It was that easy. One dance break and my day shifted. My list of intentions became possible again. A new green bud emerged in my garden. And I had unknowingly feed another desire. #41. Trust more.

Does your life resemble Groundhog Day?
Are you ready to do something about it?
What seeds are you planting in your life today that will bloom this spring?

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