Monday, January 4, 2010

Twenty Ten

The tree is down. The decorations are put away. Yes, I know most Greeks like to wait until the Epiphany to pack it all in boxes until next year. But I couldn't wait two more days. I am ready to get on with 2010. My home is neat and organized and ready. Yet I have not been able to sit and write my first blog of this new decade.

I've spent a lot of time reading what others have to say about the year ahead and the decade behind from the doomsdayers to those who offer hope and inspiration and my favorite of all phrases, 'the best is yet to come'. But I've been having trouble with what I want to say.

Every time I see 2010 I feel this weight. This is not just another year. It is the birth of a new decade. We are no longer at the dawn of a new century. The sun is up. For better or worse.

I like that it is easier to say. Twenty Ten. 2000 was Two Thousand all the way to Two Thousand Nine. Now suddenly we are Twenty Ten. If it's easier to say, why am I having such trouble writing the first blog.

I've lived most of my life in the last century. 2010 sounded like science fiction when I was a student in the seventies. Yes, it makes me feel old. It makes me want to slow down and stop time from moving so fast. Maybe that's why it's taken me four days to get to here. I know that as soon as I publish my first blog of this year I will be in forward motion. Taking down the decorations was just the prep work. The first blog is the real thing.

Or maybe it is just that I am hexed at the prospect of keeping this blog full for the next year. Of being able to put out posts you will look forward to reading and enjoying. That is the thing about new years. They give you the gift of a brand new clean slate with no marks on it. It's all there for you to create whatever you want to with. Sometimes it's exactly what you plan. Other times you don't know what will show up. Sometimes it's a combination. Like today. I knew I would blog. I just had no idea what it would be about.

Happy New Year to all my readers!
Wishing you all a wonderful Twenty Ten!


Tara Dixon said...

Happy 2010!
It was a priviledge and an honor to ring it in with you...I look forward to reading your blog.
I can identify with your hesitation to dig in to something so momentous. I am heading over to the studio now, a little later then I had planned.
Peace, prosperity and purpose in the new year-

Joanne said...

I can relate! I've been freaking out at just the thought of '2010' - it does sound like the future and time is flying by too fast. All the more reason to live for today and enjoy every minute.

Happy New Year to you, cuz!

Jen ( said...

Happy 2010. :)