Friday, January 8, 2010

Googling Me

When I first started this blog I didn't know the first thing about the how to's . Like most technologically skewed things, I got a glaze over my eyes. Where was IT support when I needed them? How was I ever going to learn to do this by myself?

It was too much for me to sort out. I needed help. Lucky for me, I was referred to Carmina Perez. I signed up for one of her intro classes on Blogging. The next thing you know I have an operational blog.

One of her Carmina's tidbits was to set up Google alerts on yourself so you can get a read on where in cyberspace you and your blog are appearing. Yes, we've all googled other people. If you weren't aware you can set up alerts on subjects of interest, yourself included! I am a good student so I listened.

Yesterday's alert still has me smiling. Turns out I was selected as one of , drumroll please,

The path to reinvention is paved with a lot of bumps. Then there are the days when a road sign appears directly in front of you, that reminder that you are headed in the right direction. Thank You WE Magazine for my signpost! I am honored and grateful to be included on this list of fabulous women bloggers!
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