Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today marks one year. It has been 365 days since I began my journey of reinventing life after corporate America. I think it is cause for celebration.

There was a time in my life when I did not think I would survive without the regimentation of daily structure. A time where I did not think I would know what to do if I did not have some place to go each morning. A time when the thought of uncertainty as to where my next source of income might be would have me breaking out in hives. A time where I was satisfied with earning a good living doing something that had long since stopped offering me any creative challenges or made me happy.

Turns out I was wrong. A year has transpired and I am still standing having learned a lot and created a lot.

In one year I began a blog, started a short story that became the jump off point for an entirely new novel, one that is halfway to completion. I learned about social networking, maximizing Facebook, how to Twitter. I have made new friends and jumped into new professional and social circles. I have learned how to stay focused on my dream when dealing with rejection. I understand that finding an editor to love my writing as much as I do and my agent does is as much a subjective process as anything. I have learned that when you love what you do and are your own boss you can work on Sunday and take Tuesday off.

While there are times, particularly in this economic climate ,I am admittedly scared, I have not once questioned my decision. I knew I had no other choice one year ago today than to take this opportunity to pursue my dream. To turn around what others might view as a beyond unfortunate circumstance and create a positive.

So today I am celebrating!! Cards, flowers, dinner invitations, as well as introductions to book editors looking for their next break through author to commemorate the occasion are all most welcome!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations! I agree, a year well spent.