Friday, June 12, 2009

Living In The Land Of In Between

I am living in the Land of In Between.

It's this June Gloom thing that first got me thinking. June Gloom is what they call weather patterns that include overcast skies during late spring and early summer in California. I thought it was indigenous to that coast, but it seems to have descended over Manhattan. According to the extended forecast via my iphone, there is little indication it is moving anytime soon.

I am sure summer really is about to begin yet I walk outside and feel like I am still stuck in March, maybe April. The sun peeks through one minute and the next the fog is so thick I cannot see the tops of the buildings outside my windows.

Seriously, a few days this week, I could have dressed for October there was such a chill and dampness in the air. The weather has been stuck in that place of In Between. Long past winter, hardly spring like, and far from summer.

Long past the days of being caught up in corporate life and certain the moment I can say I am a published novelist is close at hand, my reinvention journey seems to have landed me in this place of In Between as well.

There is no extended forecast on my iphone for that, just the certainty that as is the case of the weather, this too, is a temporary location.


barbara stanny said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you...gave me chills!!!! Love you lots, Barbara

TMCPhoto said...

this spring has been a long cold one for almost everyone. thankfully change is always as little as a sing breath away.