Monday, June 29, 2009

One Little Shift

As space goes in New York, I have a good one. Still the arrival of my new desk this weekend forced me to rearrange the furniture.

It started with the removal of an oversized chair. I thought that was it. The desk would go where the chair was. But I have been a bit antsy about some space change lately. Now that this is my home and my office, I had an itch to shake things up. My new workspace was not enough to satisfy me. I looked around the room and started envisioning other possibilities.

An hour later I had configured a whole new space. One that is more spacious and open than the way things had been.

I was happy. In this new setup everything looks different and feels different. I had shifted the furniture and with it the energy.

But what I can’t get out of my head is why I had not thought of this before. I was absolutely convinced that the way I had my furniture arranged was the only option. That there was no other choice. I had a limited space and I was doing what I could with it.

But I was wrong.

Had I just been too busy the way things in my corporate life had been that I didn’t notice I even had a choice? Had I been that consumed with unwinding and recharging my own battery when I came home to notice things could look different?

Apparently, the answer to that is yes.

I am reminded today as I look around at my change that there is always possibility. Sometimes we don’t see it. Often we don’t allow ourselves to. In rearranging the furniture and in our career decisions. One little shift is all it takes.
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