Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ninth Month

I was thinking this morning how long it had been since I left the Corporate world and counted up almost nine full months. NINE MONTHS. Alot can happen in nine months. Women give birth to babies in that period of time.

So when people ask me what is going on, I understand that they think something really big should be birthed already. We are a society of instant gratification and have trouble understanding when things take time.

And yes, like them, I feel a little antsy this week. I have to remind myself of what I have done already. That one book is completed and in the hands of my capable agent , a second is better than one third done, and of course there is this blog, which according to today's Wall Street Journal just might make me some money one day.

But you know what happens in the ninth month. Everyone's hormones get a little kooky, not just the birth mother. Everyone gets impatient, forgetting that there is a reason for the nine months. Gestation. Acclimating to what is about to happen. Preparation. There is a reason things take time.

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Butterfly Goddess said...

I totally agree. And it sounds like you've accomplished a whole lot in nine months!