Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something REALLY Interesting

I am a big fan of Seth Godin. If you are not familiar with his blog and his books, I suggest you indulge yourself. Seth is the blogger all bloggers aspire to. He blogs most every day, occasionally twice a day, even on the weekends. He makes you think. His message is concise and consistent. He is inspiring. He has something important to say.

Today is Seth’s 3000th consecutive blog. From someone like me who has only recently started blogging ( this is blog # 21) I am in awe. That is a lot of material to turn out, a lot of ideas to share, a lot of important information to spread, a lot of dedication to his passion.

In honor of this milestone he asked those who already blog to blog about something really interesting today. So I am choosing to blog about Seth Godin.

I think what Seth has to say is interesting. A friend once remarked that he states the obvious. Why, they asked, did they need to read the obvious? I suppose that is true, at least for those that find what he says obvious. But what about those who don’t? Those who need to be pointed to the obvious. Or those who know the obvious, but choose to ignore it or forget about it?

I think it’s obvious that not enough people heed the kind of things Seth writes about. I think it’s obvious that most choose to ignore the obvious. I think it’s obvious that the genius in Seth Godin is he remembers the basics to good marketing and embraces the wonders that new tools and technologies (like the blog and the internet) bring to the table. I think it’s obvious that Seth Godin sees the obvious and still sees a vision.

Seth might not think writing a blog today about him is REALLY interesting. But I do. I think it’s obvious.

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