Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trusting The Currents

Writers write for many reasons. Not the least of which is they love to read. At least that is the case for me. But sometimes I find reading difficult. 

I want to edit a line. Or I wonder how the piece made it to publication when mine got rejected. Then there are those moments when I am so in awe of another's writing that mine feels small. I want to write like that person and cannot imagine how it will ever be possible.

But then there are the times when none of that jumble occurs in my brain and I am simply transported to another world. I race to turn each page to find out how it will all turn out and yet I never want it to end. The words flow so effortlessly, I forget this is a story - I think I am living it.

That's what happened when I stumbled upon Trusting the Currents.

I met the author last week at an event I was invited to by my good friend Agapi Stassinopoulos. She and Lynnda Pollio were doing a joint reading sponsored by the Academi of Life and I went to support Agapi. When Agapi invites me to something I've come to expect incredible energy filling the room, interesting conversation and like minded souls. So I suppose I should have had more than an inkling I might leave with a treasure  in my hands.

But it still caught me off guard.

Trusting the Currents is the story of Addie Mae Aubrey, an African American woman living in the South in the late 1930s. But it's more than her story. It's one of those books that taps into one's own truths and gives you reason to pause, to reconsider and sometimes to say aha! The author calls it "a new genre of conscious storytelling." I call it brilliant.

Lynnda Pollio's journey to write this gem is as interesting as the book itself. Addie Mae came to Lynnda as a voice, and wouldn't let up until she got it all down on paper.  So I shouldn't have been surprised that as soon as I took it in my hands I felt something shift. 

One of the things I find living at this time in our history is that with all the technology we have at our fingertips that allows us to connect with each other - 24/7 - we often miss the most important connection - with ourselves. This story gives reason to do just that.

I've gotten pretty choosey about the hard copies of books I buy. In the case of Trusting The Currents I'm glad I opted for print. For one I got a signed copy. Even more so because this book took me on such a journey - being able to touch each page and hold it in my hands made it that much more real.

Whatever the edition you choose - my recommendation is you choose Trust The Currents

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