Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Purging Of My Inbox

The other day someone unsubscribed to my blog. I got the usual sinking feeling in my stomach that I always do when I am confronted with rejection. 

Am I doing something wrong?
Am I going to lose all my readers?
Am I really just a bad writer without a clue?

I tried to quiet all that noise and this is what I got to.

Maybe, just maybe this person is doing what I've been doing. 

  • The newsletters I signed up for, liked for a while and am now done with. 
  • The newsletters I didn't sign up for but found their way in because someone shared my email without my consent.
  • The ones that propagate themselves. You know that kind? You sign up for one and suddenly you are getting five versions of the same thing several times a day and no matter how many times you think you unsubscribed they appear again.
  • The "official" junk/spam that if you open will send a virus cursing through your computer.

My inbox overfloweth. 
It's full of noise and clutter. So in preparation for the beginning of a brand new year I've been cleaning house.

Unsubscribing here, there and everywhere. Making room so I can get to what's most important for me right now. 

So I should understand. 
I shouldn't let it faze me.
But I'd be lying to say that it didn't bother me.
So I won't. 

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